AB 990 Changes to Disclaimers for Mailers for Ballot Measures and Candidate Independent Expenditures – Before the passage of AB 990, disclaimers on advertisements supporting or opposing ballot measures and independent expenditures supporting or opposing candidates were required to be printed in at least 10-point type. AB 990 increased the size of the required disclaimer to 14-point and specifies that the type must be bold “sans serif,” or type that does not have small projecting features at the end of the strokes (e.g., Arial).

AB 990 also made changes to the “not authorized” disclaimer language that must be put on all independent expenditures relating to candidates. The new “not authorized” disclaimer is: This advertisement was not authorized or paid for by a candidate for this office or a committee controlled by a candidate for this office.

For mailers, the above “not authorized” disclaimer must be placed in a box with a line weight of at least 3.25-point. The background of the box needs to contrast the background of the mailer. Finally, the box must be located within one-quarter of an inch from the recipient’s name and address.


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