Mailing Pros Inc is pleased to announce that they have qualified for several enhanced USPS mail processing systems. These systems are designed to speed up the induction of mail into the mail stream and increase transparency in the delivery system.

* Full Service processing for First Class, Bulk, Periodical, and Packaging.
* E-Docs: Electronic submission of mailing statements.
* E-Induction: Faster processing of drop ship mail.
* Mail Anywhere: Use of client mailing permits at a point of entry other than the permit’s home Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). This allows Mailing Pros Inc to enter mail at our local USPS facility instead of the client’s permit location.
* Seamless Acceptance. This greatly enhances the process to enter mail and facilitate drop ships.
* CONFIRM code tracking. Provides delivery tracking of the mail pieces (doesn’t work very well with flats-that is a process in development.)

You can find out more about these services at

Mailing Pros is an early adapter for these USPS programs. Just part of our commitment to superior service…