Mailing Pros, Inc. gives you the flexibility and resources to select all the services you need from one vendor. We can coordinate mail piece design, printing, and mailing, or simply provide mailing services. Regardless of your needs, you can be confident we will execute your tasks expertly and rapidly.


A Row of Residential Mail BoxesDirect mail is an integral part of virtually all political campaigns. The mail piece presents the candidate’s values, experience, and commitment. A well-designed and written mail piece helps the voters judge what really matters:

Is the candidate a person of substance?

Mailing Pros Inc. is here to take care of the details of your mail so you can concentrate on your campaign. Whether you are a political consultant, campaign manager, a printer who needs a reliable mail house, or a complete novice who needs everything, we can provide all needed services. Use our commitment and expertise to your advantage.


We provide a wide range of services essential to the production of your political mail. We either directly produce or coordinate:

Mail Piece Design
Mail List Acquisition – MPI does not determine the Selects / Universes.
Mail Preparation and Addressing
Delivery to the Post Office

One invoice, one point of contact, one person responsible. During the campaign we are available 24/7. We excel at putting the bits and pieces together to create a successful mail campaign. We can make the process easier, increase your security and provide verification at every step. We will help you with your delivery strategies and save you money.


Content and timing of political mail are critical. We safeguard your information and will not disclose it to unauthorized persons. You can rely on our discretion.


We maintain close contact with out clients. Once you become our client, we provide you with our Mailing Pros contact card and the Mailing Pros political kit. We are available 24/7 for the duration of the campaign. We are acutely aware that access to us provides you with peace of mind and flexibility.

The contact card includes:
Phone Numbers – day / night
Web site
Text Messaging


We advise, consult or suggest, but ultimately, we take our final instructions from you. These must be by fax, e-mail, or in writing. This is purely a business protocol. Please work with us on this vital aspect of the mailing and/or printing process.


All final proofs for printing design and copy must be signed off by the client prior to printing.


The political kit is a valuable reference tool that is useful for everyone, from seasoned professionals to first timers. It contains reference materials, instruction forms, contact information, etc.


Your Proof of Delivery (POD) – to the Post Office – is verified in several ways:Verified Form

Round Stamp on the mailing statement (usually Form 3602). This is placed by the Post Office on presentation of the mail.
Permit History. A record of your mailing is maintained on the USPS database.
Drop Ship Form. This is both round stamped at the point of entry and signed at the destination unit.
Seed Mail. Send mail pieces to your own supporters / staff.
The “Political Log” maintained at the Post Office. ( Note: Mailing Pros specifically requests your mail be entered on the Political Log.)
Mailing Pros also places a red stamp on the USPS forms clearly identifying it as political mail.

Send some mail pieces to your staff or supporters in addition to your mailing list. This is the best way to know when your mail delivers. Make sure the names / addresses in your seed list reside within your district.

Seeding: Why & How

Seeding is the practice of including personal addresses into an otherwise unrelated mailing list. This accomplishes two things:• It allows accurate tracking of “received in the mailbox” dates.• You can protect the confidentiality of your list by placing “secret” names which will never be used in another list or format. The mail house thus does not know the identity of these people. Do not use an alias name at the same location of an address you want to receive mail. (Either name at the same address could be eliminated in a duplicate removal process.) You must make a list of the “secret” names for permanent reference. If the “secret” person (you can only use this once) ever shows up on somebody else’s list then it is likely there is a security breach.Attached is a format for listing seeds. If the seed list is used for tracking purpose,s send it to Mailing Pros Inc. for inclusion in your list. If the seed list is used for security purposes, then enter the names into your own list and retain the list for reference purposes.

What to expect from the Post Office

Mail Carrier and Mail Truck

The Post Office provides accelerated service for political mail at bulk rate prices. The Post Office requirements are simple: The mail piece must be directly connected to an election and the mail trays or sacks must have a “Political Campaign Mailing” (PS TAG 57) red colored tag attached . The mail piece is qualified and verified by the BMEU personnel accepting the mailingThat’s it in a nutshell.The service level provided for political mail is generally excellent. The Post Office strives to provide First Class service for political mail – and they usually do. However, it is a mistake to think that this can always happen, or for that matter they are absolutely mandated to do so. This is not the case. Actual First Class, Express, and Priority mail take priority – and they always will. Political Campaign mail runs a close second – but it is not First Class mail.

A Few Things To Consider:

The closer to the election the more postal volume increases. This puts a lot of pressure on delivery times. Plan accordingly – and don’t expect miracles. Delivery can be inconsistent – even within the same post office. Don’t be surprised if delivery is stretched out over a few days even within the same zip code.
Seed your list! Seeding places the addresses of people upon whom you can rely to accurately report the day of delivery of a particular mail piece. Mailing Pros provides you with a seed form to make this easy. Try to choose ten addresses covering your entire area.
The Post Office personnel do not throw your mail away. They have mountains of material to move. It just isn’t their agenda. Besides, improper disposition of mail is a virtual certain, instant firing offense at the Post Office. Your material just isn’t that important for a USPS/security-oriented government worker to risk termination.
Each mail facility in the distribution process is supposed to annotate the mailing on a Political Mail log. Many of the facilities, especially the large ones, are inconsistent in filling out the log. Still, this can be a useful reference in tracking mail deliveries and/or responsibility for mail processing. Mailing Pros stamps all USPS forms relevant to political campaign mail with a large red stamp to encourage compliance with political mail processing procedures. Additionally, we confirm an accurate identity of USPS personnel who sign for our deliveries. (i.e. print the name – not just sign it).

All fees, printing costs, postage, list costs, etc. are due prior to mailing. Some down payments may apply when ordering printed material or lists. This is an industry-standard practice for political mail.