Mailing Pros, Inc. gives you the flexibility, resources, and services you need from one vendor. We can coordinate mail piece design, printing, and mailing.


Mail is an integral part of virtually all political campaigns. The mail piece presents the candidate’s values, experience, and commitment. A well-designed and written mail piece helps the voters judge what really matters:


We provide a wide range of services essential to the production of your political mail. We either directly produce or coordinate:

Mail Piece Design
Mail List Acquisition – MPI does not determine the Selects / Universes.
Mail Preparation and Addressing
Delivery to the Post Office

One invoice, one point of contact, one person responsible. During the campaign we are available 24/7. We excel at putting the bits and pieces together to create a successful mail campaign. We can make the process easier, increase your security and provide verification at every step. We will help you with your delivery strategies and save you money.


We are available 24/7 for the duration of the campaign. We are acutely aware that access to us provides you with peace of mind and flexibility.

Phone Number: (714)892-7251
Fax: (714)893-7251


We advise, consult or suggest, but ultimately, we take our final instructions from you. These must be by fax, e-mail, or in writing. This is purely a business protocol. Please work with us on this vital aspect of the mailing and/or printing process.


Your Proof of Delivery (POD) – to the Post Office – is verified in several ways:

Final mailing statement (usually Form 3602). Is available by the Post Office on presentation of the mail.
The “Political Log” maintained at the Post Office. ( Note: Mailing Pros specifically requests your mail be entered on the Political Log.)
Mailing Pros also places a red stamp on the USPS forms clearly identifying it as political mail.


Send some mail pieces to your staff or supporters in addition to your mailing list. This is the best way to know when your mail delivers. Make sure the names / addresses in your seed list reside within your district.


All fees, printing costs, postage, list costs, etc. are due prior to mailing. Some down payments may apply when ordering printed material or lists. This is an industry-standard practice for political mail.