Mailing Pros Inc. is pleased to announce that we earned and have been granted the USPS Full Service Certification.

The certification represents the highest quality control (QC) standard available for USPS business mail acceptance. The qualification process is difficult to earn and maintain and involves continuous testing and monitoring by the USPS.

There are several advantages to this certification. First is the improvement in QC and transparency. Our clients have the knowledge that their mail is processed to the highest USPS standards. Second, the overall process increases Mailing Pros’ ability to react to last minute jobs.

There are several components to the Full Service Certification. All of them are constantly monitored by the USPS “Mailer Scorecard” system. These are over and above basic items like C.A.S.S. certificates, Change of Address, barcode legibility, and correct sortation.
This certification is an example of Mailing Pros’ mission oriented culture.


Everything is digitally monitored in this process: Mailers’ ID#, Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), tray tag and pallet facing slip barcodes and so on. The guide to Full Service Mail is over 115 pages long. The use of barcodes and strict processing standards integrates virtually every part of processing automation-compatible mail. The results: an unprecedented transparency of the mail stream.


Documentation required for a particular mailing is submitted electronically rather than by hard copy. Verification is also provided electronically.


This allows Mailing Pros to use a client’s mailing permit and indicia at a Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) separate from the client’s home postal facility. E.G. Mailing Pros can use the client’s indicia and mail permit from say San Francisco or Atlanta in order to process their mail in Huntington Beach (our home post office).


The E-Induction process streamlines the preparation and induction (how and where the mail physically enters the USPS mail stream) of drop shipments and expedited plant load mailings. In doing so E-Induction eliminates the need for hard copy forms 8125 and 8017 – and manual reconciliation at the entry facility.

E-Induction has several major benefits:
1. Streamlined mail induction process.
2. More accurate mail preparation processing.
3. A data-driven process which enhances traceability, reduces errors, and on-time delivery.
4. 24/7 “appointment resolution.” (Essentially eliminates drop shipment appointment time requirements.)


The Official Statement: Seamless acceptance leverages electronic documentation and Intelligent Mail Barcodes on mailpieces, trays and sacks, and containers to automate acceptance and verification processes. I.E. “It” all comes together.


Among Others:
· Standardized acceptance and verification process.
· Helps control and verify postage payments.
· Better reporting information for USPS to gauge quality standards.
· Mail preparation flexibility. Control over mail release without USPS intervention.

What this means to our clients:

Elimination of the need to present mail at the BMEU for verification prior to drop shipping. Disclaimer: Physical mail sampling at the BMEU prior to drop ship may be required on a random basis.

The combination of submitting mail documentation using E-Docs and the potential elimination of direct verification at the BMEU greatly simplifies the physical verification portion of the mailing process. This is especially useful in handling critical last-minute jobs.

You can read more on Full Service from the USPS websight: HERE